Artwork Reproduction

We also scan and reproduce artwork such as water-colour paintings allowing artists to sell fine art quality prints of their work, often using the same or similar paper (e.g. Hahnemule, Canson) as the original work. Depending upon the size of the original this can be done using a scanner or 36mp full frame camera in controlled lighting conditions. Colour accuracy to the original is maintained through our extensive experience in Colour management and retouching.

Scanning Services

Using our high resolution scanner (9600dpi), or 36mp full frame camera capture, we can digitize and restore images from virtually any format of original to recreate prints or digital archives. We recently scanned and retouched over 100 negatives for a client whose photo print albums had been lost. After retouching and tonal corrections we produced a digital archive ensuring those images would never be lost again

Digital Restoration

We can repair damages, scratches, and other age related problems as well as retouch and make tonal adjustments that often give a much better result than the original silver halide print process. We have ongoing projects restoring 1890′s glass negatives to produce large format prints, as well as recreating family photo albums from a variety of negative and slide formats.